"Nurturing A Brilliant Baby"
22 February 2020, Saturday

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
(Registration starts at 9:40am)

ACC Eduhub
51 Cuppage Road, #03-03
Singapore 229469
(Right behind The Centrepoint)
From doing up your baby’s nursery to planning his nutritional needs,
all parents want to be prepared for their baby’s arrival.
But there is something just as important to be ready for…

Join us at "Nurturing A Brilliant Baby" workshop to learn:
What the brain of a newborn baby is about and its potential
How early stimulation is critical to your baby's development
How newborn babies learn
Raising a brilliant baby can be easy and fun. Join us at the workshop to learn more!
Ideal for pregnant mums and parents with newborn babies under 1 month old.
(Seats are limited to a first-come-first-serve basis)
What Our Blooming Joy Mums Have to Say About Their Babies…

"I’m glad I started on the QiiQ Blooming Joy programme with Oliver when he was a newborn. I learned how to create the best learning environment for him at home. Today, he is a confident and happy boy when it comes to learning."  

Karen Goh, mum to Oliver
(13 mths old)       

“We started the QiiQ Blooming Joy programme with Chelsea from birth. I learned how to give her daily sensory stimulation essential for her brain growth. She is now confident, discerning and expresses emotions well. I’m glad I found QiiQ early, and parenting Chelsea now is so easy!” 

Sandy Lai, mum to Chelsea
(20 mths old)       
Meet Mrs Patricia Zoey Tan, Founder & Director of QiiQ
Before I became a parent, I was afraid of having a child as I used to think parenting was stressful and not easy. We see parents sending their children to tuition and enrichment classes due to the fear of being left behind or to even catch up for some children. What many parents might not realise is these are reactive solutions, and are unlikely to inculcate the habit of learning in your child. But all these can be avoided when parents know how to develop their child right from birth.
Learn the right ways to develop a healthy passion for learning in your child at ‘Nurturing A Brilliant Baby' workshop, to help you lead a stress-free and joyous parenting journey.
I look forward to meeting you at the workshop!


(Seats are limited to a first-come-first-serve basis)
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